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Capturing the heart precinct of Beijing Olympic Green, China National Convention Center is right next to the Bird Nest (China National Stadium for the Olympics opening and closing ceremony), the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center) and National Indoor Stadium. CNCC complex consists of the Convention Center, CNCC Grand Hotel, InterContinental Hotel and two office buildings. The Center itself is 398m long, 148m wide, 42m high and its has eight floors and two more in the basement with a shopping mall inside.

During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the plenary hall on CNCC's fourth floor was site for fencing preliminaries and finals, Modern Pentathlon (fencing and shooting);and the exhibition space on the first floor is the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and the Main Press Center (MPC). The Paralympics used the ballroom section as the site for Wheelchair Fencing and Boccie. Some journalists stayed at CNCC Grand Hotel.

After the Olympic Games, CNCC took some renovations and opened officially in Nov.2009. Now CNCC is ready for congresses, international meetings, exhibitions and other various events, with the world-class services and unparalleled facilities provided.

CNCC is proud of its stunning architectural design. Its front appearance looks like traditional Chinese quoins, illustrating Chinese rich history and culture, incorporating tradition and modernity, and bridging to the future.


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CNCC Grand Hotel4 Stars

Building 1, No. 8 Precincts,   Beichn West Road, Chaoyang District,    Beijing

Business Room RMB 938 yuan    (including breakfast)
InterContinental Hotel
5 Stars

Building No. 4, courtyard 8,

Beichen West Road, Chaoyag District,Beijing

Deluxe Room RMB 1956 yuan              (including breakfast)

Beijing North Star            Continental Grand Hotel  

4 Stars

NO.8,Beichen Dong Road,     Chaoyang District,Beijing,     China

Twin Room RMB 730 yuan                (including breakfast)

National Jade Hotel

4 Stars

No.19, Huizhong li,Yayun     Cun Chaoyang district,Beijing ,China

Twin Room RMB540 yuan                  (including breakfast)

Asian Sports Village         Beijing Hotel

quasi- three- star

No.8,Beichen Dong Road,       Chaoyang District,Beijing ,  


Twin Room or Queen Room      RMB410 yuan                                     (including  breakfast)

Huiyuan Service               Apartment - Beijing

Quasi- five- star

NO.8,Beichen Dong Road,       Chaoyang District,Beijing,     China

Twin Room RMB630 yuan                  (including breakfast)

Beijing Comfort Suites

4 stars

No.302,Huizhong Beili,Chao yang District,Beijing ,China

Twin Room or Queen Room      RMB600 yuan                                     (including  breakfast )

Aoyou Hotel

3 stars

Gate 11,Building J,Huiyuan   apartmet,Yayuncun,Chaoyang district,     Beijing,China

Twin Room or Queen Room      RMB380 yuan                                       (including breakfast)

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4.Please fax ormail the Hotel Reservation Form to us before Oct.17. due to housing shortage.

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6.You can get bestprice if 5 or more rooms can be booked.

7.We will be atyour service if you have any other requirement.

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Add: Room 2602, Building B ,Riyuetiandi,area one,fangchengyuan,Fengtai district,Beijing,China.

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